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friends and allies.


support sex workers.

Sex workers are human beings who deserve human rights. Stereotypes, assumptions, and inaccurate representations of our work impact how others see us, talk about us, engage with us and support us. This kind of harmful discourse not only impacts our livelihoods and safety, but our sense of self. ​

Narratives of sex work in our society paint the industry in a dark, degrading, and delinquent light. Sex workers are viewed publicly and by law enforcement as disposable victims whose lives are deemed less valuable.



the gold standard.

Legalization would mean providing a legal framework to protect some sex workers while still forcing others into dangerous, illegal situations just to get by. This is not at all what we want.

Decriminalization of all sex work would greatly reduce the risk of exploitation and violence against industry professionals. It would give workers the opportunity to report abuse without the risk of legal repercussions. Sex workers who don't have the support of law enforcement or a protective community are more likely to get involved with trafficking, organized crime, and exploitative third parties.


becoming the ideal ally.

Even the currently proposed decriminalization frameworks fail to include protections for migrant and undocumented workers. It's very likely that despite our continued efforts, we will never be able to untether sex work from the racist, heteronormative patriarchy that perverts our society. 

Are you outraged as well? Keep scrolling to learn how to be the ideal ally to sex workers and gather all the tools necessary to aid in the fight. 

Stereotypes, assumptions, and inaccurate representations of sex work are harmful on a massively dynamic scale. Some examples of harmful language includes slut, whore, skank, hooker, and ho. Do not tolerate stigmatizing rhetoric from others. 
Research sex work but focus on transparency, ethics, and accountability. Keep in mind the power imbalance that inherently exists between the researcher and the "researched." Be honest with yourself and others about your relationship to the industry.
Being a feminist ally sometimes means confronting anti-sex work feminists who continue to marginalize sex workers in feminist discussions. While allies also experience discrimination in these spaces by association, it's crucial to prioritize sex worker's experiences above that.
Educate others, but use discretion. Just because a sex worker is out to you does not mean they are with everyone in their lives. Outing a sex worker without their consent is extremely harmful and unethical. It can cause serious consequences in their work, relationships, safety, and stability.