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Meet your Mistress.


Somehow, out of all corners of the world both digital and physical, you've found Me. Lucky you. Whether it was My elegant six-foot-two frame, My sharp tongue, or My elegant curves that caught your eye first; you're dying to know more about Me.

Welcome to My world. I'm Mistress Monique de Sade, but you will refer to Me as Mistress unless you've been told otherwise. I am a Professional Dominatrix and Fetish Content Creator based in Los Angeles. I've been at this for nearly four years now and have spent My time in both Chicago and Los Angeles honing My Domination style.

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Are you one of them? Good boys and girls will do well to read through My site entirely prior to approaching Me in any capacity. I am NOT currently accepting new lifestyle submissives as My stable is already full.


I am, however, open and available for sessions with a 48-hour notice.

Do NOT contact Me asking if I am "looking for a submissive," inquiring about general curiosities of yours, or just to say "hey." There will never be a response without cash attached first.


The best way to get a response from Me is to reach out on My paid texting line (SextPanther) or directly CashApp Me ($MoniquedeSade) with your contact information in the memo. For all of the ways to pay Me and ultimately play with Me, peruse the Pet Portal. 


Be warned: Angel numbers are the only values I acknowledge. $55.55 minimum.


My Domination style, like My aesthetic, is unique to most others you've likely come across. I may greet you with a flash of My radiant smile, but My mind is Divinely dark and My patience is thin. I tend to take on a Matriarchal role during sessions; finding the deepest pleasure in expanding your silly mind and molding you into the good little bitch I know you can be for Me.


During our time together, I will test your strength and push you to the very edge of your limits; all the while keeping you safe and sound in My strong grasp. When we're finally through, you'll find solace in the warm embrace of My soothing aftercare to help you transition back into your everyday life.

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All of the above being said: I am highly experienced and well-known for My Domination skills. Peruse the Pet Portal carefully for more information about My play space and session activities. I will not answer questions that have already been answered there. Show Me you're the eager and obedient little bitch that I know you are. Read through the information I've provided.

If you wish for further clarification regarding anything mentioned, you will be wise to reach out to Me on My paid correspondence platform.


I am a Leo sun, Gemini moon, and Capricorn rising. I am originally from Minnesota but spent six years in Chicago studying and learning a myriad of life lessons along the way.


As a first-generation Croatian-American who was raised by a single mother, I've been gifted with a unique set of life experiences that have helped shape My beautifully educated and open mind. It has, in turn, fueled My desire to open the minds of others to some of these experiences as well. I've always been a strong and sensual person, but in the last four years something even stronger shifted My perspective.

After My traumatic move to Los Angeles, I was finally beginning to reap the rewards of My decades-long work that began in the Midwest. From a childhood filled with ridicule and isolation to an adolescence of heartbreak and rejection -- I've worked internally (and externally) for years to create The Divine Creature presented before you today.


Now, I bring that knowledge and those experiences to you. Together, we will release your own limiting beliefs and explore your wildest fantasies in order to create a more pleasurable and balanced lifestyle both internally and externally.