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meet your Mistress.


count your blessings.

Somehow, out of all corners of the world both digital and physical, you've found Me. Lucky you. Whether it was My six-foot-two frame, My impeccable taste, or My elegant curves that caught your eye first, I know you're dying to learn more.

Welcome to My world. I am Mistress Monique de Sade, and I am a Professional Dominatrix and Kink Educator based in Los Angeles. You likely have even more questions now. Just keep reading...

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I am a luxury few can afford.

Submissives will do well to read through My site in its entirety prior to approaching. I am NOT currently accepting new lifestyle submissives as My playpen is already full.


I am open and available for sessions within a 48-hour notice and will still consider current clients for lifestyle conversion; contingent upon their performance.

Do NOT contact Me asking if I am "looking for a submissive." The answer is always no. I'll have to assume you're looking to play without paying. If you would like to enter into a long-term D/s lifestyle relationship with Me, you will first book a session and I will determine where we go from there.


a most intoxicating combination.

My Domination style, like My aesthetic, is unique to most others you've likely come across. I may greet you with a toss of My reflective auburn locks and a flash of My radiant smile, but don't be fooled; I'm as sadistic and twisted as they come.

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educate before you engage.

I am highly experienced and well-known for My Domination skills. Peruse the Pet Portal carefully for more information about My play space and session activities. I will not answer questions that have already been answered there. Show you're as eager and obedient as I know you are, and read through the information I've provided.

If you wish for further clarification regarding anything mentioned, you will be wise to reach out to Me on My paid correspondence platform (SextPanther). For business inquiries, keep reading.


I was born to Dominate.

I'm a Leo sun, Gemini moon, and Capricorn rising. Money, power, and glory were always meant to be a major part of My world. I've been gifted with a unique set of life experiences that have helped shape My beautifully educated and open mind. It's, in turn, fueled My desire to open the minds of others. I've always been a strong and sensual person, but in the last four years something has more significantly shifted. 

While the last few years were not the most crippling in terms of My mental health issues, they were deeply traumatic and life-altering. From a move across the country with no job prospects and in an unstable relationship to houselessness, food insecurity, and crippling loss.

I was already proud of My strength and resilience, but getting past that will always be one of My happiest moments. The feeling of building Myself back up from almost nothing fueled Me to continue transforming other areas of My life. Next was My career.

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