let's play.


Now accepting new submissives.

you've decided you'd like to submit to Me more regularly than simply sessioning from time to time. I'm not even slightly surprised. 

My kept pets are the source of some of My most cherished dynamics and have the honor of getting to know Me on a very intimate basis. That's not to say they don't enhance My beautiful lifestyle, however. 

In order to remain in My good graces and continue to be kept as one of My pets, you will need to fulfill one of the available positions outlined below.

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a Professional session

Submissives hoping to schedule a session should reach out via email (higoodgrl@gmail.com) with the following information and message:

Name and Age
Incall or Outcall
Specific Interests / Special Requests (to be awarded at My desire and discretion)
Desired Dates / Times (list at least three)
"Please tell Me where to send My 50% deposit and confirm which day and time you prefer."

Session deposits are due within a 24-hour notice or upon immediate confirmation of a session time from Me.


I know you have a lot of questions for Me.

I've answered everything you could ever need to know prior to a session with Me below. If you come to Me with a question that is clearly answered here, expect to be ignored.

If something you're interested is not mentioned, feel free to reach out for additional requests via My SextPanther. This is the ONLY guarantee you will get a response from Me outside of a proper session inquiry.

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your first FemDom experience.

I know you may be nervous, especially if this is your first time seeing a professional Domme. Never fear, you're in safe and strong hands with Me. Around 70% of My submissives, on average, are completely new to the lifestyle. I'm extremely experienced in training new subs of all kinds.

Prior to confirming a session, you'll already have submitted your deposit. I have a strict confirmation procedure beginning 1 week prior to our scheduled date and time, so be sure to check your email regularly and respond accordingly. If you fail to respond to My correspondence within 48 hours of your session, you are subject to denial without a refund of your deposit. Proceed accordingly.


about the session space.

All incalls are held at My personal play place in West Hollywood. My space is fully equipped for sessions of all kinds and is located in an artistic and airy second-floor walkup featuring plenty of gorgeous window dressings for complete privacy. The space and decor work together to create an intimate and luxurious atmosphere for every fetish scene.


You'll find everything you need for preparation and aftercare in one beautiful, thoughtfully designed space. Beware: This is not a dungeon, but My private home where I live, work, and play. Therefore, you are required to arrive clean and sans-fetish gear so as not to disturb any vanilla passersby as you enter.

Keep reading for additional instructions on how to prepare for our time together.

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as your Mistress instructs.

Aside from arriving recently showered and without any visible fetish gear, the instructions I give you prior to your arrival will depend on your desired kinks and the activities I have planned.

Generally speaking, be sure to get a good night's rest the evening before and eat something small to ensure your blood sugar levels are adequate before we begin. Don't show up intoxicated and arrive a few minutes ahead of time if you can.

Submissives scheduled for ass play should consider an enema; but any cleanup in the vicinity is recommended. Dirty bitches will be bound, plugged, and ignored. Don't be one of them.


ahead of our first session.

Once you've actually made it here, I'll already be impressed. Bitch boys sometimes flake when their fear gets the better of them, so I'm extremely proud of you for coming to Me. Parking is a breeze so find a good spot and if all else fails, try the tennis courts across the street.

It's normal to be nervous and you're not alone. Your fear is actually quite pleasing to Me; it shows Me that you know your place well. And regardless, it's normal to be a bit nervous when meeting anyone new.


When you arrive, expect to come into My space ready to present the remaining tribute. From there, we'll engage in a brief consultation to confirm our session goals and allow you to ask Me any remaining questions you might have. 

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how sessions are structured.

Remember: Regardless of the numerous times you've gotten off to Me or the amount you've spent on My clips and photo collections, you are My bitch. You NEVER have permission to call Me pet names or by My first name alone. You will be swiftly corrected if you're unwise to heed this.

Following our consultation, I will ask if you need a bottle of water or to use the restroom prior to our session beginning. You'll then be instructed to fully undress (depending on the session) and given further instructions before being reminded of the safe words and consent guidelines.

First-time clients will be asked multiple times throughout the session to rate their pain (if applicable) or state their comfort level in accordance with My consent guidelines. If you are feeling uncomfortable (in a less-than-sexy way), feel free to immediately voice that.


Following our play, you're likely going to feel completely exhausted and deeply at ease. I'll offer you water and potentially a shower, depending on the mess I make. I like to discuss how our time has made you feel and what your favorite parts were. While we wrap things up, I'll likely instruct you to help Me clean our toys and space while we chat and unwind.


From there, I'll be ready to send you on your way with a smile on your face and a spring in your step. We can briefly discuss any other future plans and I'll give you a big squeeze before you return to your vanilla life.


how to stand out from the very start.

I have a variety of kinky favorites for you to catch and sustain My attention with. Although these kinks are the very best way to please Me, they are by no means a representation of all of My interests or Domination capabilities. For additional requests outside of what is listed, contact Me on SextPanther.

That being said, My personal favorite activities include (but are not limited to):

Financial Domination

Impact Play
Cock and Ball Torture


& Anal Training

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there's so much more to Me. 

My space is perfectly curated for every scene I could possibly dream of doing. Still, I am aware of the limitations that being in a space with lower ceilings and precious objects can provide.


For more breathability and a flavor of exhibitionism, we may also retreat to My rooftop for whipping, ball busting, and the like. If you have any concerns about My space or would like to host an outcall, note that in your session application or reach out to Me on SP.

My scene capabilities and interests currently include (but are not exclusively limited to):

Impact Play and Corporal Punishment

- Caning

- Whipping

- Paddling

- Flogging

- Slapping

Cock and Ball Torture

- Trampling

- Ball Busting

- Ball Crushing

- Electroshock

- Chastity

Nipple Play

- Clamps

- Clothespins

- Needles

Bondage and Restraints

Human Ashtray and Cigarette Torture


Financial Domination

Scent Play

Human Spittoon

Water Sports and Full Toilet

- Ruby Showers

- Brown Showers

- Golden Showers

Anal Training

- Strap Play

- Plugging

- Pegging

- Fisting

Body Worship and Fetish Gear

- Ass Smothering

- Breast Smothering

- Face Sitting

- Leather

- Latex

- Lingerie

Objectification and Human Furniture

Tease and Denial

Sissification and Full Transformation

Pet Play

- Puppy Play

- Pony Play

Sensory Deprivation

Public Humiliation and Outings

Shaving and Waxing

Foot Fetishes

- Sensual Massage

- Nylon Worship

- Boot Worship

- Sniffing

Forced Intoxication

Tickle Torture

Age Play

- Diaper Play

- MMlb

Do Note: This is not a list you can simply order from as some of these kinks are only catered to in personal playtime scenarios or video clips. I do not participate in any activities illegal to Los Angeles or any other location I may be in.

For additional information on session offerings as well as requests for more scenes, contact Me via SextPanther.


don't even think about it.

The following is a list of activities I absolutely do NOT participate in. I will not entertain requests for the following interests, and will permanently ban any submissive interested in:

- Sex or Nudity

- Illegal Activities of Any Kind

- Anything Ending in "Job"

- Submissive or Switch Scenarios

- Anything Involving Animals or Insects
- Misogynistic, Racist, Queerphobic, Whorephobic, or Fatphobic Language of Any Kind

I will not be elaborating on this list.

If anything you do or say to Me implies that you are interested in any of the above, you will be swiftly banned.

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for lifestyle servitude.

All applicants MUST be local to the Los Angeles area and have reliable transportation. Playtime and service schedules are released on Saturday morning the week prior, but are contingent on the previous week's performance review results. 


Should you fail to meet (or exceed) My expectations, your playtime will be 


I am a luxury few can afford. If you are a sincere servitude submissive looking to fill a position, I will consider you for a collar. Still, all collared and kept slaves must commit to a small weekly or monthly tithe / bill commitment.


Deposits are required before each and every session. The required amount to book is 50% of the session cost which will go to  remaining balance. Your deposit is due upon scheduling.


West Hollywood Incall:

30 min mini - 222

feet only - 333

1 hr standard - 333

1 hr hardcore - 555

2 hr standard - 555

2 hr hardcore - 777

3 hr standard - 777

3 hr hardcore - 999

overnight - 1333

24 hrs - 1555

Los Angeles Outcall:

30 min mini - 333

feet only - 444

1 hr standard - 444

1 hr hardcore - 666

2 hr standard - 666

2 hr hardcore - 888

3 hr standard - 888

3 hr hardcore - 1111

overnight - 1444

24 hrs - 1666

FMTY Outcalls:

Domestic - 3333

International - 7777