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Session Subs vs. Lifestyle Subs

...From the perspective of a Luxury Lifestyle Domme and Professional Giantess.


I posted a very general and bare-bones breakdown of what one would need in order to get started as a Lifestyle Domme on TikTok yesterday and received the most wonderful comment looking for clarification on Pro Domming vs. Lifestyle Domming. I explained that while the two are inherently different, they're not mutually exclusive and can actually compliment each other quite nicely. I'm breaking it down more in-depth now for you all here.

I advertise as a Luxury Lifestyle Domme but also a Professional Giantess. And as I'm sure you know, a Lifestyle Domme is involved in the scene for reasons other than a Pro Domme. I am here for both reasons. I'm also able to separate the spaces quite well while also allowing for any appropriate crossover. Let Me break that down to you.

I live a luxurious, Dominant, BDSM lifestyle 24/7 and use My lifestyle submissives to accomplish and enhance that. I've been a personal player for nearly a decade now and consistently integrate My BDSM lifestyle into other aspects of My life. I'm proud of this community and I love to boldly and confidently express that in the appropriate spaces. I've also made the conscious decision to make Professional Domination My full-time job. This lifestyle is one of My deepest passions and My mother always told Me to do what I'm most passionate about so... here we are. LOL. And just so you know, I had another vanilla career before this in PR and Production. Another lifetime for another entry, though. I intentionally left My corporate jobs to pursue Professional Domination because I fucking love it and am fucking good at it. But I still take lifestyle submissives just for the pure sake of the lifestyle. That doesn't mean they don't have to somehow enhance that lifestyle in the process though. Let Me explain.

Lifestyle submissives - Approach Me with gushing words and elaborate fantasies; utterly enamored and eager to do anything I ask of them without a second thought. These regular pets are rewarded handsomely with the regular releases of their wildest fantasies courtesy of yours truly. They are considered to be in a D/s relationship with Me and therefore have more privileges than My professional clients. They'll always get a response from Me, have the opportunity to meet My friends, come to events with Me, and participate in public playtime with Me. They're guaranteed to have all of their wet dreams realized while also being offered the opportunity to explore further and grow with a loving, trustworthy Mistress. These are also typically the submissives you'll see in My TikToks. What I ask of these submissives in return largely includes regular offerings like weed, Chocolate Lover's smoothies, and dinner or chores like laundry, dishes, and the toilets. This route is usually more of an investment as errands and chores add up quickly, but there's rarely a cash exchange involved after the initial meeting since they see Me so regularly. The biggest difference is that with My lifestyle submissives, the structure of our time together as well as the reward of release are entirely at My discretion. I'll often be doing other things while they complete the tasks I give them, and however long it takes/how well they do is what determines the release that they are (or are not) granted. If a loyal lifestyle submissive of Mine wants to spend time together entirely focused on their little dick with a guarantee they'll be getting off, I'll recommend they schedule a session to block out My time and services. And if one of us determines that they won't be able to satisfy My needs long-term, I might strongly recommend they convert to a session sub and only see Me when the need arises.

Session submissives - Approach Me most often either shameful and reeking of inexperience or prideful and clearly well-used. There's some in between as well, of course; but typically these subs are either very new and looking to cut their teeth in the scene or very well-versed and looking for some spice in their monthly Domme rotation. I don't mind either way, as long as they're able and willing to pay My rates. Which start at $450 per hour, by the way. During sessions, the time spent with My submissive is much more structured than during lifestyle play. We're both there with one thing in mind: the release. I take time to meticulously prepare prior to each session, ensuring I have the right equipment and accessories to make their fantasy a reality. During sessions, My time and attention is entirely the submissive's. I'm not looking at My phone, I'm not working on anything else, and I'm only focused on them. I'm much more conscious of our time together and do the most to ensure every moment possible is spent with My sub aching and begging for more. And unless one of their kinks involve My control of their orgasm, there's no reason I won't allow for a release. Some session subs fall in love at first sight and some get addicted slowly, but both usually convert to long-term lifestyle submissives fairly quickly after a series of full-priced sessions back-to-back. Then there's the session subs who realize the lifestyle is not their cup of tea or that they just don't like how I do things. That's okay too. These relationships should be pleasurable for both parties and if I sense a bad vibe from a sub or find them dissatisfying, I won't hesitate to drop them either.

Lifestyle Dommes and Pro Dommes: I'm eager to hear your opinions on the above. I realize everyone has their own definitions and ideas in mind with some of these terms, but I think I covered it fairly thoroughly. Anything to add?

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